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At Thalle, safety is our number one priority. We recognize that a great safety program is a moral imperative that ensures the continued health and well-being of both our co-workers and our company. We constantly work to eliminate accidents and injuries and to always protect the public. As a part of our mission, we recognize that a comprehensive safety program requires more than simply education and enforcement. To promote constant improvement, positive behavior, and good performance, they all must be recognized, reinforced, and rewarded. In keeping with this principle, successful safety performance, and compliance with our Safety Program are expected of managers and supervisors and constitute a major component of our annual Performance Review process.  

The Thalle Safety Rewards program has been established to offer positive recognition to non-exempt, craft employees who remain injury and accident-free on the job. It is designed to offer increased rewards for project-wide performance without being so substantial that it creates an environment that would encourage the concealment of accidents. 

In addition, there are two industry standard metrics often used to understand a company’s level safety performance: 1) EMR and 2) TRIR.  The Experience Modification Rating (EMR) is a metric used by insurance carriers to gauge both the past cost of workers' compensation claims and the future probability of additional claim costs.  TRIR stands for “Total Recordable Incident Rate.” OSHA developed this calculation to gauge a company’s safety record compared to its peers. It looks at the number of recordable incidents per 100 full-time workers during a year. 


Thalle’s EMR and TRIR far outperform industry standards and are further proof of our commitment to SAFETY FIRST!

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