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Dam / Locks / Canals / Reservoirs

Rising above the rest, Thalle’s dams are some of our proudest achievements.  The Dam segment encompasses many scopes of work and Thalle has performed all scopes of dam construction for decades.  Thalle is an industry leader in the construction of new RCC and earthen structures as well as restoration of existing dams and spillways. 


Thalle’s experience and activities have and continue to improve the Nations inland waterways including lock construction. Our Lock project(s) have and continue to enhance the water and shipping ways of our nation’s river network.


Thalle’s canal and reservoir projects serve the local, regional and state communities by providing water control, water improvement and water supply for the benefit of the communities but also the environment.

This diverse segment also includes construction of intake and outlet works, dewatering, instrumentation, primary and emergency spillways, electrical and mechanical requirements, and site restoration.  Much of our completed work has benefitted communities by improving dam safety and reducing the risk of dam failures, flooding, and loss as well as Reservoir water supply, surface water control and stewardship in canal construction and finally transportation mobility along the US’s inland water and shipping ways.


Thalle is a proud member of the Association of State Dam Safety Officials and maintains constant engagement with this group of leading authorities on dam safety. Additionally, Thalle is also a member of the Inland Waterways Council.


Our knowledge of the latest technology in dam safety has allowed us to construct the second piano-key weir spillway in the United States, dramatically increasing the spillway capacity without expanding the length of the spillway opening. 

Recent projects:

Lee Hall Spillway and Reservoir

USACE SHEP Water Storage Impoundment

West Fork of Eno River Piano Key Weir

Round Valley Reservoir Structures Refurbishment

Kentucky Lock - Downstream Monoliths – Grand River, KY

Kentucky Lock - Upstream Monoliths – Grand River, KY

Cooper Lake Dam - Kingston, NY

USACE HHD K1 & K2 – Okeechobee, Fl.

USACE S-286 & S287 – Glades County, Fl.

USACE Culvert 10 & 12 – Palm Beach County, Fl.

USACE HHD S-281 & S-282 Glades County, Fl.

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